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We do Chiropractic Differently....  Here's a few reasons to check out our office:

~Insurance doesn’t matter-we offer affordable pricing and payment plans

~Investing in your health/self is vital to overall happiness in your own life and the people around you

~If you feel better everything surrounding you starts to get better

~Chiropractic care can increase energy

~Our staff has therapeutic exercise expertise

~We offer a free tour and talk with the doctors before any commitment is made-see if it’s the right place for you

~Check out our testimonial page to see success stories of past and current patients

~The technology we use is so much more advanced than traditional chiropractic

~Adjustments are painless... no more twisting, turning, popping or cracking!!

~Some patients come in, get scanned and sent home without adjustments because we have the technology to confirm that they are properly aligned!

~Each team member is an amazing person

~Science backs our adjustments up!

~Doctors of Chiropractic receive more training in anatomy than MD’s 

~Just because an MD justifies something doesn’t mean it’s the right thing for you ~ Be educated, check out all of your options!

~ We have open minds to how healing can work

~Often there is more than one approach to getting better

~Wellness needs to be maintained

~We see miracles everyday

~We believe our patients are integral to their own healing process... we can't do it alone...

~We educate our patients about why they are here and should stay under chiropractic care

~We care about you as a person, not a chart number

~We offer other therapy here, not just adjustments - we have Hydro-Massage, Decompression, and more!

~Our team is REAL, we genuinely care about our patients

~We give back to the community as often as possible

~We have a vitalistic approach to chiropractic

~We would rather see our patients for maintenance and not for pain, but we are always here should they be in pain.

~Our doctors create customized care plans and we help you stick to them so you get the care that you need and see the results that you want

~We are a family oriented office

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